Training Feedback Form
You will find below the Training Feedback Form in 3 parts: Specific items on the Training, Training Tools and Environment, and your Overall Training Experience. Sharing your comments with us about the training you received will truly help us improve so we may serve you better.



Please rate the following items depending on your impression of the training:

* 1. The learning objectives provided before each training section were met accordingly.
* 2. The topics were organized and easy to follow.
* 3. The presentation and discussion of the topics was clear.
* 4. The questions and concerns were addressed accurately.
* 5. The time provided for questions and answers was adequate.
* 6. The summary provided at the end of the each training session was helpful.
* 7. The Trainer was knowledgeable.
* 8. The training, as a whole, was able to meet my expectation.

 For Training Tools and Environment, please provide us your feedback:

1. Was the sound clear?
2. Were you able to see the screen clearly?
3. Did you have difficulty connecting to Goto Meeting?

In general, please share with us your experience during the training:
* 1. How would you rate the overall training?
2. Would you like to get an email or phone call to clarify any of the delivered topics?

  Send a copy of the completed form to this email address : 

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