Activity Registration
Start-Up Guide
AR Quick Start Guide for Parents
(With Activity Fee)

Welcome to the rSchoolToday Activity Registration Quick Start Guide for Parents. This guide will help you to: 
1.    Register a New User
2.    Log in
3.    Register to an Activity
4.    Finish Incomplete Registrations
5.    View your Family Account 
6.    Make a Payment

Note that Some settings or options may vary depending on your School Settings for the Registration Form.

To Register a New User, click on the View My Account button in your homepage. Then, under New Users, click on the Create New Account button. If you have previously created an account and want to register to an activity, proceed to Step 3.
To create a New User, fill in the form with the parent's/guardian's information, and choose a username and password.
 Confirm your Activity Registration account by clicking on the link received by email. 
You will be redirected to the Activity Registration page.
When you receive the confirmation message, click on the link to log in automatically.
If you already have an account, go to View My Account and click on Login to My Account.
To register to an activity, click the Athletic Team Registration icon on the Home page.
 If you are already Logged in, click on the Register link on you Family Account Module.
Step 1- Select Student: Select a Student from the Select Student dropdown menu, or choose Add New Student to register a new one.
Note: Some fields might auto-populate the next time you complete a Registration Form. It will depend on the School Settings for each Registration Form.

Step 2 – Select Activity: Choose the Activities you want to register this Student to and click Next Page.

Step 3 - Parent/Guardian Info: Enter the Parent/Guardian information, and remember that you can also add a second Parent/Guardian.
Step 4 -  Physical Forms: Upload the Physical Form and enter its date. The validity may be automatic; it will depend on the school settings for this registration form. If this step is not required, you can add the physical form later.
Note: if the school requests Students Physical Date you might find another field, on this screen, to enter that information. 

Step 5 - Medical information: The information requested on this step depends on the school's data required for the Activity Registration. 
By clicking on Continue to Pay, you will be directed to the Checkout Page.
If your selected Payment Method is Credit Card, you will be directed to a Step 2 in order to add your Credit Card and Payment Information.
Now you have completed your Registration. 
See the following Receipt example:
Once you submit your registration, it will be listed under Registration History.
You can click the Save and Finish Later button at any time during the Registration process. To resume that Registration, go to Registration History and click on the Incomplete Registration link.

In the Family Account module, you can find information about your Registration History, Family Member info, Important Dates, and Account Settings.
Listed on the Registration History tab, you will find all the Registrations made for your Family members. You can see the Payment and Clearance Status, Add or Edit the Physical Date, View the Receipts and Registration Forms, and find the Registration Fee. 
From this tab, you can also Register to an Activity, or finish an Incomplete Registration.  
In the Family Member Info tab, you can add, edit or delete the Student’s Information,  Parent/Guardian’s information, and Credit Cards.
You can view the dates for the Physical Exam, and if available for the Concussion Test, in the Important Dates tab. 
Note: Only some schools allow parents to view this option. 

On Account Settings, you can modify your Name, Email, Username or Password.
6. MAKE A PAYMENT (after Registration)
When you select the Pay Later option while Registering for an Activity, the registration will be shown on the Registration History tab.  

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