Activity Scheduler Mobile App
New Feature Quick Guide
February 22, 2017

Now Available! Coaches can build their Teams Roster through the Mobile App!
Attention Coaches: now you can add/edit Rosters for your Teams in the Mobile App!  To do so, log-in to the mobile account, and build the Team "Roster" or edit any existing one.  Also, if you wish to add other personnel as “Team Staff” and “Administrators” you can do it all in one simple step!  Check here how it works:

Whether you are building or editing your existing roster list, click on the “Participant” icon shown at the bottom right side of the screen. Choose your Roster template and number of participants.

Next, add students by picking them up from the database or writing the ones registered for the activity. 

After creating your  Team Roster, you can always come back to add updates.
To add Team Staff/Administrators, click on “Next” on the Student’s screen, enter the information for each member and click “Done”.

Important Note:  The information added/updated on this module will automatically be updated on the Activity Scheduler program.







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