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New Facilities Calendar Design
We are glad to announce the New Facilities Calendar Design for the Month, Week, Day, and List Views. Most of the great functions remain the same, but it features a better look to help you navigate easily. 

What’s new?

• A Collapsible Control Panel
• A Full Web Calendar View
• More Flexibility
• Multiple drop-down options
• A Month View

Month View 
The whole Control Panel on the left side can be hidden, and now you can see the Full Web Version of the Calendar. It also provides more flexibility by letting you select multiple options from the drop-down, and choose different Fields, in just a few clicks. Let's take a look!

Note: The “Request Facilities” button is now displayed in the Staff and Public Calendar Views (Month, Week, Day, and List) if the Administrator has set the options under Setup> Facilities Calendar Views & Links.

The “Facilities Scheduler Login” button will also appear in all Calendar Views (Month, Week, Day and List).



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