Activity Scheduler Mobile Application
New Feature Guide

Rate Officials
Version 1.28.0 (Android)

Now, Coaches can rate Officials on the Mobile Application. Administrators and Commissioners can give Coaches permissions to rate the Officials.
To rate an Official, go to Main Menu> Scores> Filter by Activity> Rate Officials


Low ratings can be set to require a comment. After the Note is added, the rating will be flagged.

The Rate Officials button is Grayed Out during the Cool Off period, or if the Coach doesn’t have permissions to rate that official.

If the Activity requires the Athletic Director’s (AD) approval the AD will receive an email to Approve the Rating or Send Back to Coach.

The School Administrator/Athletic Director must log in to AS Mobile Version to approve or deny the Ratings.


  • Commissioners, Administrators and Assigners can see the Official Ratings and pull reports.
  • Administrators/ADs can’t edit the Ratings added by the Coach. They only approve it or send it back to the coach.
  • Ratings approved by the Administrators/ADs are not editable.
  • The Rating button is disabled during the Cool Off period.


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