VNN Sportshub
Start-Up Guide

Overview (Homepage/Login/Dashboard)
June 2022

This Start-up guide will take you through the Homepage, give you a quick view of the Dashboard, and show you how to log in as an Administrator.

The Homepage serves as the public view of your website. Schedules, announcements, upcoming events, galleries, and videos are displayed here. You can also view the team's rosters, descriptions, and highlights by clicking on the season and then on the team.
On the navigation bar, you will find different dropdown menus such as: 
Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer – Click the down arrow to view schedules and teams. These are Conference and Non- conference events from the Activity Scheduler.
Activities - Click the down arrow to view School only events and teams.
Photos - Click to access the Photo Galleries. 
Watch - Click to access podcasts or live videos synced to your school. 
Calendar - Click to access your calendar activities. (If you have AS, it will take you to your AS site.) 
Shop - By clicking here, you can access an online store for sports equipment.

Note: The “More” menu is the only menu that can be edited.

Continue scrolling down the Homepage to find galleries, videos, news, and upcoming events:

Log In
To log in, click the Admin link on the top right of the Homepage.
Please make sure that you have the Administrative permission to log in; otherwise, you will get the error message below:
The Dashboard is the administrative side of your website; here, you add/edit all the contents displayed on the public view and access other settings.

There are two ways to access the Dashboard:
1. On the left side of the screen, in line with the other elements
2. When you click the VNN Apps

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