VNN Sportshub
Start-Up Guide

June 2022
The Scheduling portion is where you find the synced schedules from the Activity Scheduler integrated into your VNN website. You may also create your own events here.

Click the Sync Schedules button to access the events:
After selecting the schedule, a grayed-out Event button indicates that the VNN website is integrated into the Activity Scheduler program of the school.
However, an enabled Event buttons suggests that the VNN website is not linked to the Activity Scheduler, and you can create your events:
Note: When an event originated in the Activity Scheduler, there is no option to edit/delete it. Changes must be done from the Activity Scheduler side and will automatically update your VNN website.

You may also import your schedules using an Excel file. Click the Import Schedule button to begin:
On the Import Schedule screen, you can use a VNN or Schedule Star format with a corresponding template:
On the Event page, you can make changes to the event by editing it. You can also postpone or cancel the game.
To edit the existing event, click the Edit Event option:
Note: The Sync Schedule button will only be available if the VNN website is linked to the Activity Scheduler. 

You also have the Locations module where you can add new locations and edit the existing ones:

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