VNN Sportshub
Start-Up Guide

Team Management
June 2022

Teammate is where you manage your Teams. You can add/edit/delete Teams, edit the sport's names, manage social media, grant access to Coaches, add team Rosters/single athletes, and add Subscribers.

From the Dashboard, click the Go to Teammate option (or click from the thumbnail on the upper right corner of the page):
On the Add Team screen, select the season or year-round option (for School Only events) and create your team:
You may also customize the look of your Team Page by editing it through the Customize Team Page tab:
Connect this page to your School’s Facebook and Twitter accounts through the Manage Social tab:
Invite a Coach to use this program for communicating Sports updates. This is the same as giving them access through the Coaches tab.
Create your Roster by adding Athletes to the Edit Roster page. You can use this method to add a single athlete or import an excel file:

Add Subscribers for your Teams by sending email invitations or importing a file. Go to the Add Subscribers tab and select one of the available options:

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