VNN Sportshub
Start-Up Guide

Pages and Menus
June 2022
To create a new Page for your site, go to the Dashboard and click on the Go To Pages button under the Pages icon.
Once you click the Add New button, the Page builder displays. Here, you can create and customize the content and add media, videos, and links to your new Page.
Note: To show your Page on your public site, you must map it to a specific Menu, or create a New Menu for your Page.

In this section, you can add the Pages to their corresponding menu. Click on the GO TO MENUS button to create, edit, or add a new menu.
Once you click Go To Menus, you will be redirected to the Appearance Module. You can edit previously created menus or add new ones following these steps:
1.    Click on “Create a New Menu”.
2.    Enter your Menu Name.
3.    Select a Page for your New Menu and click on Add to Menu.
4.    You can also add  Posts, Links, and Categories.
5.    Click on Save Menu once you have finished adding the content.

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