VNN Sportshub
Start-Up Guide

Alerts, Posts, and Photos
June 2022

Administrators send alerts to Teams to warn them about event changes. These alerts are sent to the subscribers via email or text (SMS).
Go to the Send Alert page, and select the School and Team(s) to send the message. You can opt to post an alert on the website and add an expiration date. Compose your message and then send:
Take advantage of the ¨Spread the Word¨ section to inform Users that you are utilizing VNN. You can send an invitation through the Invite Subscriber or Invite Coach options.
Another option to add more Subscribers is to import them through a CSV file. Prepare your file and click the Import Subscribers to start adding them:
Posts (Content)
Create posts to add content or essential information to your Homepage. The process is the same as when creating Pages.
You can access the deleted Posts, published ones, and drafts on this page.
This is the Post Builder:
Photo Galleries
Create Photo Galleries to add media to your Homepage. The process is similar to the one you use to create Pages and Posts.
On this page, you can access deleted photo galleries, published ones, and drafts (in case the season is not over or there are new activities you want to publish later on).
This is the Gallery Builder:


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