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Notify me and Subscribe Guide


The Subscribe and Notify Me apps are some of the most popular features of the Activity Scheduler Calendar.
The Subscribe app will let you push all the schedules you are interested in to your smart phone, tablet, or computer and they will automatically update with any changes made later in Activity Scheduler.
The Notify Me app will let you sign up for instant change notifications and reminders via email or text message.

NOTIFY ME! - Setting Up Notifications & Reminders

To Start: From the top right of the main calendar screen, click Notify Me.
Screen 1 – Choose Competitive Activities
Check off any competitive activities for which you want to receive notifications of changes or event reminders, then, click Continue.
Screen 2 – Choose Other Calendar Activities
Check off any other non-competitive calendar activities for which you want to receive notifications of changes or event reminders, then, click Continue.
Screen 3 – Set up Notification Parameters
If you want reminders before some activities choose “when” from the dropdown for each activity.

The 2nd column assumes you want to be notified with any changes to these schedules. Uncheck any you don’t need, then, click Continue.
Screen 4 – Account Setup
Add your personal information here. Cell phone and provider are required to receive Text Messages. Email is required to receive email notifications. When finished, click Save Settings and you are finished.

Creating a password allows you to edit your settings at a later date. If you want to edit your settings later, click into Notify me and click Returning Users Login Here.

If you forget your password, click here and it will be emailed to you instantly.

Subscribing to Schedules to Put Them on My Personal Calendar or Smart Phone
In the ‘Subscribe’ app, you will be able to subscribe to ‘All of Today’s Events’ or full schedules for all the activities you want to place on your personal calendar, including any future schedule updates.
This works with Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal for Mac users and smart phone users (Android and iPhone). This also works with RSS readers.

Subscribe to “All of Today’s Events”
(not very common)
To subscribe to ‘All of Today’s Events’, from the main calendar screen, click ‘Subscribe’, and then choose the calendar or reader you want to push the schedule to. The guided steps for each feed type are provided in the following pages.

Subscribe to “Just the Schedules I Want” (MOST POPULAR)
This is BY FAR, the most common way to subscribe to schedules.
1) Click on all of the schedules you want to subscribe to from the View Schedules Box on the right side of the calendar, then click View.

Note: if you don’t see the View Schedules box on your screen, you are on a tablet or smart phone with a smaller monitor size.

Once you click View, the schedule report opens with the full schedule for this school year for all the activities you have selected. (Note: if the schedule doesn’t open, you have to disable your pop-up blocker). Now, click Subscribe:
Choose the destination calendar or RSS feed you need by clicking the correct icon. Android users and all Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod users click on iCal.

For Microsoft Outlook
(Screens vary a little depending on your version of Outlook or your operating system)
After clicking Outlook, depending on your browser, it will download the data file to your computer, and either automatically open Outlook, or you will need to manually open the file using Outlook.

If you are using Firefox, you will be asked which application you will use to open the file. Choose Outlook, and the schedule will automatically be added to your Outlook Calendar.

When you open Outlook Calendar, you may see this prompt. Answer YES, then, the schedules will show in your Outlook calendar.

For iCal
(Screens vary a little depending on your version of iCal and operating system)
After selecting iCal as your data feed type, you may be asked to copy the URL and enter it to your iCal Calendar URL field, and then click on the Subscribe button.

Or for newer systems, you may just be asked if you want to Subscribe. Click Subscribe.
In some versions, you will see the calendar setting page, where you can specify some settings like ‘Auto-refresh’, Location, and Color. Once finished, click ‘OK’.
In some systems, you will see the added AS schedules right away.
In all versions, if you click into Calendars, you can see the school calendar listed as a calendar you have subscribed to.

Calendars can be turned on and off here by clicking the checkbox next to the calendar name.

Google Calendar
When you choose Google Calendar, you will be prompted with the instructions to follow.
1. On the instruction page, you will find the URL that you need to copy and paste into your Google Calendar. So click and drag across the web address to highlight the whole address, then click control+C to copy it (or right+click it, then select copy).

2. In a new browser tab or window, go to your Google Calendar.

3. In your Google Calendar, on the left, click the dropdown menu next to Other Calendars and choose ‘Add by URL’.

4. Paste the copied URL into the URL field and click Add Calendar.

Yahoo Reader
After selecting Yahoo Reader, you will be prompted with instructions, depending on your browser, on how to go about subscribing to the feed.
If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will be asked first what reader you will use to subscribe to the feed. In this case, if you have added your Yahoo Reader or ‘My Yahoo!’ to your computer, simply select it from the dropdown, and then click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button.
On your ‘My Yahoo’ page (, ‘Add Content’ will pop up with the schedule. You will need to click on the ‘Add to My’ button, and then when you refresh your ‘My Yahoo’ page, the schedules from the Activity Scheduler program will appear.
For other RSS feed readers, you will also be prompted with instructions on how to proceed with the subscription.
You can subscribe to the RSS feed in a number of ways, including the following:
- Drag the orange RSS button into your News Reader.
- Drag the URL of this page into your News Reader.
- Cut and paste the URL of this page into your News Reader.

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