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Version 1.28.10 (iOS)

August 2021


The Activity Scheduler Mobile App allows Coaches to view Students Information and Schedules, add Scores, edit Rosters, and take Attendance for the assigned teams. Besides, it can also be used to send SMS messages or emails via our Message Center.

Getting Started
School Only Events 
Student Information 
Take Attendance and Absence Report
Message Center 

1. Download the Activity Scheduler AS Mobile App from the App Store, and Launch it.
2. Tap Set Up and follow the steps.

3. Select the State and the School, you can use the search bars to find them.

4. To log in, open the Main Menu (A) and select Mobile Login (B.)

5. On the Mobile Login screen, enter your email and password, and tap Login. Note that the Email and Password are the same that you used when logging into the Web Version.

Open the Main Menu and select Schedules. 

On the Activities dropdown menu of the Schedules Screen, you can find all your Scheduled Activities (A.)  To see the event information, tap on the Details (B) button.

You can speed dial an Official by selecting his phone number. If you need to send him an email, tap on the listed email address.

Note: Canceled games will have a strike-through on the Activity Name.

Add/Edit Schedules
Assigned Coaches can add and edit schedules for School Only (SO) Events from the Mobile App. To add schedules for a SO Event, follow the steps below:
Select the Menu icon and go to School-Only Events. There, you will see only your assigned Team Activities. At the bottom part of your screen, tap View by Activity or Choose a Date.
Tap "+" to add a new Date (A.) On the top right corner of your screen.
Add the Event information (B) and click Save.
Add Scores
Tap on the Main Menu and select Scores. 

Select an Activity (A) from the Dropdown Menu. Listed on the Scores Screen are all your Scheduled Opponents and the Scores for each Game.  To edit the score, tap the US/THEM (B) boxes.

On the pop-up, Enter the Scores (C) and Notes. Click on Save once done.
Note: You can make the Team Records and Conference Standings visible in the Activity Scheduler Public View.

View Team and Opponent Standings
Now, users (Public or Administrators View) can track the Teams and Opponents Standings available in the Scores module within the App.

To View the Team Standings, go to the Public or Administrators View section, and tap "Scores" Select a Team and tap "Currently."

Open the Main Menu and tap on Students Info. You can search for a particular student or filter by Activity (A). Tap on Student's Name (B) to view the Student Details screen.
On the Student Details screen, Coaches can make the Trainer's Notes visible, by tapping on Include Options (C.) They can also edit/modify the Trainer's Notes from the Mobile and Web Login.
On this screen, the Coaches will have the option to view the Medical Information field.
Note: The student's general information and the contact data are displayed on the Student Details screen. Administrators can view the "Consent to Treat" and "Consent to Administer Medication" fields on the Student Information module.

Edit a Roster
On the Main Menu select Roster, Choose the Team (A) who’s roster you would like to see.

To add a student tap on Edit (B,) and filter by All students or Students Registered to this activity (C.) Select the Student(s,) and tap Add.

To add a new Player to the Roster.

To remove or delete a Player/Student from the Roster:


Coaches can now view the attendance tracking, "Take Attendance," Generate an Absence Report and send it to parents, including a generic message that they can set one time.

From the main menu click on Schedules or School-Only Events, select an event and tap Take Attendance. Then, choose the Students who attended, and Save. 
You can also pull an Absence Report, tap on Report and then choose Absent Today, Absences by this Season, Absences by Previous Season or, View Report by Student.

Note: To show Practices in the list of Activities, make sure that the Administrator has enabled the option to add Rosters to the Activity (in the Activity Scheduler).

The Mobile App Message Center allows Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Administrators to:
•    Send Emails or SMS messages to the Member Types listed on "Notify Me" in the Public View.
•    Select ALL recipients under "Notify Me" and "Other Contacts."

Select Message Center, Tap All (A), Choose View (B) to see the Report of Contacts, tap Message All, or Email All (C), and select All Contacts from the list (or select them individually).

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