Activities Scheduler
Start-Up Guide 

Add New Students
October 2021

In this Start-Up Guide, you will find the following sections:
-    Adding a new Student to the system individually
-    Adding Students to the system by batch

Add a new Student to Activity Scheduler
To add a new student to Activity Scheduler, from the Main Menu (Control Panel), go to the Students Eligibility & Information module.
Here, you will find all the students’ Personal and Contact information, Activity history, Awards history, and Eligibility Information.
Fill in with the student's basic information.
The Student Info & Eligibility module shows after saving the basic information.


Batch enter Students
There is more than one way to batch-import students. If your school already has the Activity Registration, all the student information automatically adds to the Activity Scheduler.
You can also import all students in one go by using this feature. Go to Options & Set-Up and click on Batch Import Students into the Database.

Use the Sample Excel file to create your own students’ list.
Once you are done, place the correct letter/number of the column you are uploading into the Field Mapping form.
Example: If ‘Last Name’ is the first column in your data file, type the number one (1) or column letter A in the empty box next to ‘Last Name’. If ‘First Name’ is the second column in your data file, type the number two (2) or column letter B in the empty box next to First Name, etc. For any fields you do not have in your data file, just leave the field blank.

Note: Make sure your fields are all in the correct order before importing.

Note: If your school uses the Activity Registration, you will see that the students’ information is automatically synchronized between both programs.
Activity Schedulers, Rosters, Scores, and Standings will be written to your Turbo Team Site program.

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