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CPS Athletics – Approval Routing to Events
October 2021

All changes made to Conference and Team Schedules Events in Chicago Public Schools’ Activity Scheduler, are now routed for Approval.
Conference Commissioners/ Master Administrators can view and approve or deny all proposed changes to the events.
They can also enable or disable this feature from Set-Up> Conference & Team Schedules Set-Ups> Schedules Approval Routing.

In order to give permissions to Administrators to Approve or Deny Event Changes, click on the Permissions tab, select an Administrator, and scroll down to Conference & Team Schedules Game Changes Permissions.

Athletic Directors or School Aministrators can add a new date or edit any events in the program. Added details or any changes made are sent for approval.
Click on the Conference/ Team Schedules Module and select the Sport to edit:

Note: If there are any changes to Location Detail, Media & Comments, Add Bus Time, Add/Edit Workers, Set-up and Tear Down, approval is not required.

This is how it looks in the Main Menu Calendar:

When Conference Administrators/ Master Administrators click on the event name (Blue link) from the main menu, this page displays:


Note: If the Conference Commissioner/ Master Administrator is the one changing an event, approval is not required.

Another way to approve or deny game changes, click the Conference module> Pending Changes tab:

Follow the same process shown above.

Conference Administrators/ Master Administrators can also approve or deny changes by clicking a link sent to their email.
Here is an example of the email notification:

This is a sample of an email notification received by the Athletic Director/ School Administrators when changes are approved:

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