Turbo Team Sites
Start-Up Guide
Coaches: Adding Scores

August 2021


This Start-Up Guide provides Coaches (subscribed from the Activity Scheduler Program or added from the Turbo Team Site Program) with an efficient way of Adding Scores in the Turbo Team Sites.

To begin, login as a Coach to your Team Site:

On the log-in page, enter your Coach’s login credentials.

Note: Coach’s login credentials may differ according to where their account has been setup.

Coaches subscribed from the Activity Scheduler Program
These Coaches must login using their Activity Scheduler credentials to access the Team Page.
Once logged in, Coaches can view the Team Page Administrative Area. Only the activities assigned to them from the Activity Scheduler will show on the page.

The list of events/games will be displayed in the Schedule & Scores tab. Click on the Edit button to enter the scores of the game.

After saving, the winner will be determined and the record updated. Scores can also be viewed on your site.

Note: Changing the scores here will also update the ones in Activity Scheduler.

Coaches added from the Turbo Team Site Program
These Coaches need to use the login credentials setup in the TTS program to access the Administrative Area and select the activities drop-down menu.

On the Administrative Page, select the Team Level and then click the "Edit Content" button. This action will take users to the Team Page Administrative Area.

In the Schedule & Scores tab, click the Edit button to add Scores and follow the same process described above.

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