Turbo Team Sites
Start-Up Guide for Coaches
August 2021


Welcome to the rSchoolToday Turbo Team Sites Start-Up Guide for Coaches. Here, we will show Coaches how to efficiently manage their Team Page (with just a few clicks). Let's get started!

  1. View Team Information on the start-up page
  2. Access the Team Page on the Administrative Area
  3. Option for Coaches (subscribed from AS) to Edit Passwords
  4. Manage the Team Page
  1. Edit Scores/Standings
  2. Edit Rosters
  3. Edit Practice Schedules
  4. Create Photo Album
  5. Team Information
  6. Reports (Activity Registration and Activity Scheduler)
  1. FAQ’s

To start, you need to sign in to your Account:
1. Go to your Turbo Team Site and click on Login.
2. Enter your Username and Password.
Tip: If you forgot your password, click the Here link and enter your Email Address to retrieve your login information.

1. View Team Information on the Start-Up Page
The School/District Team's information is located in the Athletics Tab of the Homepage Area. Public Users can easily access each Team Page by clicking on their names. Furthermore, users can also see other information on the start-up page, such as Upcoming Events, Scoreboards, Announcements, etc.

2. Team Page Administrative Access
Coaches (subscribed from AS) must log in to the Administrative Area using their Activity Scheduler (AS) Username and Password to access the Team Page. The Login button is located at the bottom navigation area of the Team page.

Once logged in, Coaches (subscribe from AS) can view the Team Page Administrative Area. Coaches will only see the Activities assigned from the Activity Scheduler (AS).

Coaches manually added from the Turbo Team Sites program need to log into the Administrative Area and select the Activities drop-down menu.

On the Administrative Page, select the Team Level and then click the "Edit Content" button. This action will take you to the Team Page Administrative Area.

3. Option for Coaches (subscribed from AS) to Edit Passwords
Coaches subscribed from the Activity Scheduler can now edit their Passwords from the Turbo Team Sites (TTS) by clicking ‘My Account’ on the Team Page. Any Password changes made from the TTS are automatically updated in the Activity Scheduler Program and vice versa.
To edit the Password:

  1. Log in to the TTS program as a Coach, and click the Gear Icon (next to News & Messages).
  2. Select ‘My Account.’  
  1. Modify the Password.
  2. Click the ‘Save Member Info.’ button.
Coaches will receive an Email Notification regarding the changes made to their Passwords.
4. Managing the Team Page
On the Team Page Administrative Area, Coaches can see and edit the Schedules & Scores, Rosters, Photos, Team Info, and Practice & Other Events. Coaches can also generate Reports for Activity Registration (AR) and Activity Scheduler (AS). Take note that the AR Reports will only be available if your school uses the rSchoolToday Activity Registration.

a. Edit Scores/Standings:
The list of events/games will be displayed in the Schedule & Scores tab. Click on the Edit button to enter the game scores.

After saving, the winner will be determined and the record updated in the Schedules & Scores tab. Coaches can also view and share the Game Summary (previously called Notes) on the News and Announcements Section of the Team Page, Facebook, and Twitter.

Note: Changing the scores here will also update the ones in Activity Scheduler.

Sharing Game Scores on social media (Facebook and Twitter) – After entering the Scores and wrote the Game Summary, icons for social media apps (Facebook and Twitter) will show up. Click the icons to share.

b. Edit Rosters:
In the Rosters tab, click the Edit Rosters button to start building your roster list.

The student is added to your roster list after clicking Save Player. From here, fill out the empty fields with the correct information if necessary or applicable. All fields (Number, Position, Height, Grade) are optional except for Name. Click the Save button if your roster list is complete.

Note: Any changes to the Scores and Rosters will be reflected in the Activity Scheduler, Turbo Team Sites, and all other programs integrated to AS.

c. Edit Practice Schedules:
Important: This feature is available only for Athletic Directors and Coaches (subscribed from AS) with permissions to add Practice Schedules and assigned Activities on the AS Coach Admin Settings Form in AS.

Go to the Team Page Administrative Area and select “Practice & Other Events” tab to edit Practice Schedules. Then, click the “Add/Edit Schedule” button to be directed to the Activity Scheduler (AS) School Only Events screen, where Practice Schedules can be added or edited.

 d. Create Photo album (Optional):
To create a new Album, go to the Photos tab, and click the Create New button on the Album tab.

To add photos, click the Add files button (from the Album), select the images, and then click the Start Upload button.

e. Team Information:
Share the latest team information by entering the data in the corresponding field. Coaches can insert links to relevant pages and add images to the text.

f. Reports
Activity Registration (Only for Activity Registration Users):
We added the ‘Registration Summary Report,’ ‘Registration Detail Report,’ and the ‘Final Clearance’ to keep track of registrations per Season, School Year, and Sport. Use the filters to generate the information needed.

Activity Scheduler Reports
We also added the ‘Participants List’ and ‘Registered Participants’ Reports. These reports provide users with detailed information about any team member in the Activity Scheduler.

5. Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How to give coaches access to other buttons or pages?
As an Administrator, you can give Coaches access to other buttons or pages from the Members Database module. Go to Quicklinks on the Homepage (also known as the left navigation area), look for the Members Database and click the Edit button. On the Members tab, select the Coach, and then under the Permissions column, click View to see the Coach’s information screen. Here, you can grant other permissions for them to manage from the Administrative Area.

2. How do you get the same username in Activity Scheduler (AS) and Turbo Team Site (TTS)?
Coaches added from AS are automatically subscribed in TTS. When Coaches log into TTS, they can use the same AS Username and Password.

3. How can Coaches create a Photo Gallery?
On the Team Page, go to the Photos tab. From there, you can create a photo album and then start adding images to it.

4. Can Coaches submit articles to News and Announcements?
Coaches (with Master Permissions) can submit articles to News and Announcements. When the material is approved, it will show in the Highlights Area of the Public View.

5. How can you Share your School News, Announcements, and Urgent Notices through Twitter?
To share your School News and Announcements or Urgent Notices, go to the "Site Design & Admin Tools" tab, click on the Twitter Integration, add and register your School Twitter Account.

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