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Our rSchoolToday experts developed RefView to have a completely dedicated site for Assigners and Officials. RefView is integrated with the Activity Scheduler (AS) and provides a comprehensive "Officials Contract" application.

With RefView, Assigners and Officials have separate access to the program, and this provides them with helpful features to assign Officials to games, view and sign contracts, post news and announcements, generate reports, and a lot more. The Officials View shows the following tabs (besides the Help Tab which serves as an online tutorial and guide):

• Officials Log in  
• Personal Info tab
• Sports Certification & Preferences
• Home Screen
• My Schedule 
• Contracts 
• Self Select
• My Availability 
• Directory
• Payment

Officials Log in 

Officials must be added to the Officials directory by the Assigners, Commissioners, or School Administrators to get their credentials. To log in to RefView as an Official, please visit  You will be prompted to type in your Email Address and PIN. 

Personal Info Tab

This is the landing page for the Officials View in RefView.  Here, you can update your address, phone numbers, change your PIN or email address, add the necessary information to get paid electronically, etc. Any changes made will immediately update your information for all AD's, Commissioners, and Assigners.

Note: The Social Security Number (SSN) is no longer a required field in the Official's Personal/Payment Information.  We have included a text tip explaining the benefits of adding the SSN to the system.


Note:  Fields marked with asterisks are required. For WI Officials that need their information changed but have grayed out fields, please get in touch with WIAA.  

Sports, Certifications & Preferences

This is part of the My Personal Info tab and shows the Official's Background check (if there is one), Exclusions, and their Sport Certification Status.

Home Screen

The Home tab displays Unpaid Contracts, Contracts Pending, and ePayments for the week.  Here, you can also verify your Certification Expiration Dates, find News and Announcements posted by the Schools, News & Announcements from Assigners that have added you to their Officials list, and Upcoming Events.

RefView now adds a robust Communications Center to each game. Independent Assigners, ADs, Commissioners, and you as an Official can also:  

• Add Contest Notes to any game – viewable to all involved with the game. 
• View Notes on that game from others.  All notes are tagged, dated, and show who added each note.
• Send Emails to the Home or Away ADs involved, the Officiating Crew, the Assigner, or the Commissioner (if different).
• View past emails sent about this game.
• View the phone numbers of the officiating crew.

Content Notes Screen
This pop-up screen displays when you click “Send Email to” in the Home tab. 

In the My Schedule Tab, you will find all the Game Contracts sent to you via email by Assigners or Administrators.  You can view your Schedule by List, Week, or Month View.  We also added a Color Coding system to help Officials identify, at a glance, the status of the Calendar Games.

This is the color key:
1. Gray – Events with no changes.
2. Green – Recently updated or rescheduled (labeled with an "R").
3. Red – Canceled events (labeled with a "C").
4. Yellow – Events that need the Official's confirmation due to some changes. 

Month View

List View

Week View

In the Contracts Tab, you can view, approve, or deny contracts received from Assigners, Commissioners, or Administrators.  You can view Contracts by State, Assigner, or Activity.  You can choose to view them by Month or Season.  Furthermore, you can also Show All, Pending, Accepted, and Declined Contracts.

This is how an Official's contract looks.

You have the option to Self Select Activities that you want to attend. You can search by State, Assigner, and Activity,  and View by Month or Season. The Assigner will Confirm or Deny it. 

My Availability 

In the My Availability Tab, you can set Dates or Times when you will NOT be available for certain Games.

Note: Games already assigned and accepted by you will also appear under the Current Unavailable Dates. Unavailable Dates will show in blue.

In the Directory Tab, you can filter and view all listed Officials from different States and assigned activities. 


In the Payment Tab, you will see the Payments you have received by Period (Month or Season).


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