rSchoolToday Activity Registration (AR) primarily serves the need for an automated activity registration.  This program will let you to customize the registration procedures depending on your requirements.  You will be able to create multiple custom forms to be filled out and submitted online by interested participants. You will then receive email notifications to allow you to be always in the loop about all the registrations taking place for your activities.  These forms can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Hence, the Activity Registration is just perfect for the parents and students signing up for your athletics, intramurals, fine arts, and even summer camp activities.

With this product, you will have a website that you can customize to match your own colors and text. You can upload your own banner and logo to it. Also, you can upload Activity Packets, Policies & Documents, Team Schedules and Practices, and post News and Announcements. Practically, you can add any information you want online.

In addition, although optional, you can have a secure shopping cart through our rSchool Store product which you can use for your online registration fees.